Digital Macro Photography Lens Options

True digital macro photography refers to the practice of taking digital photos where the subject is roughly life-sized or larger when printed on 4×6 paper. There are many elements to achieving high quality macro pictures. The most important factor is your lens. This article will explain the various lens options available to aspiring macro photographers.

Many of today’s digital cameras are equipped with a macro mode. This will allow your camera to focus on subjects closer to your lens than when the camera is not in macro mode. This is sufficient for some close range shooting, but true digital macro photography will require you to go a little bit further.

While most lens options require a higher end full body or SLR digital camera, high compacts with built-in lenses can also be used. If you have a camera with a built-in lens, the best option is the use of an auxiliary macro lens.

These lenses slip onto your built-in lens using an adapter. The lens and adapter are relatively cheap and the resulting images are impressive. Before purchasing an auxiliary lens, do some research to fully understand the specifics of your digital cameras lens [].

For those with full body or SLR digital cameras, there are many more options available. Use of a dedicated macro lens is the most popular approach. Again, do your research to understand lens specifics before you buy.

Another option for your full body or SLR camera is the use of extension tubes. The tubes can be combined to vary the length from the lens to the sensor depending on the specific need.

One of my favorite methods involves the use of a device called a reversing ring. With this method, you can use all of your traditional lenses. The reversing ring attaches to the front of your lens and allows you to mount the lens to your camera body backwards. This is my preferred method because it is inexpensive, produces high quality images, and can be combined with the other methods described above.

Digital macro photography is one of the most interesting areas of photography. Using one or more of the methods described in this article, nearly anyone can get started with minimal investment. As you get more into this area of photography, you might find it helpful to take a digital photo class to hone your skills. Now get out there and start enjoying the wonderful hobby of digital macro photography.

Great Nature Photos – Select the Right Bird Photography Lens For Your DSLR

Getting just the right lens for each type of photography may not be in your budget, so you will want to choose the lenses that you do buy wisely. There are many different types of lenses that may qualify as a bird photography lens for your digital camera, and there are many that may “seem” to fit the bill but will fail to meet your expectations.

If price is no object for you, then just go ahead and get that $5,000-$8,000 super telephoto lens. But if you are restricted by budget, please read on before making your bird photography lens decision. And know that your choice of lens, because you want to get the best one possible, is going to cost you from several hundred up to fifteen hundred dollars.

There are 3 things to consider when you are buying a bird photography lens.

  1. Get the birds close. This means getting a long enough focal length to be able to fill the picture frame with the bird. Usually a minimum of 300mm, but 400mm would be much better.
  2. The lens must focus quickly. You don’t want to miss bunches of shots while your camera lens searches for the right focus.
  3. Image quality must be great. (This is a necessary qualification for any lens you purchase).

The best way to know whether the lens you wish to purchase is the right one for bird photography is to ask those who are already satisfied with their lens setup. Check the camera forums at or dpreview. There are lots of bird photographers who hang out at those two places.

Sigma 12-24 – The Widest Lens for Full Frame DSLR Camera

I really like the Sigma 12-24 because it gives you a great chance to take pictures without such a big investment. The lens is very handy to put on a camera and the lens doesn’t weigh too much. I have bought many lenses for my cameras before, but the Sigma 12-24 for the Nikon mount is definitely one of my favorites. It has plenty of features and even beginners who don’t know how to use these lenses could take quality pictures.

What I like about the Sigma 12-24 is how light this lens is. It weighs less than 2 pounds and is very handy. The lens offers a super wide zoom lens that goes 122 degrees, making the quality of the pictures nothing short of beautiful.

Whenever I buy new lenses, I usually don’t look for optical perfection too much as I usually am only going to upload the pictures to the internet. With the Sigma 12-24, I get quality pictures every time. The best part is that I could use this for formal occasions like weddings, birthdays, and reunions. You could also use this lens to be a professional photographer for those events, so you can make a decent amount of money.

I’ve bought plenty of lenses before, but not one was ever as good as this one. I remember owning the Sigma 18-55 and not getting too many good quality pictures. Nonetheless, I went along with it, as I thought it was already the best. When I bought the Sigma 12-24, I was taking quality photos without so much effort. I like the Sigma 12-24 mainly because it is very wide and sharp at the same time. So if you like traveling to places that end up having wide scenery, this lens could greatly benefit you.

The lens could take pictures that are very big and wide and make it super beautiful. I personally didn’t like this at first, as I usually don’t take pictures of wide scenery. However, when I started looking at how nice the pictures turned out, I decided I would travel more often and take more pictures like that one.

The value for the lens is another aspect I truly admired about the product. It costs less than a grand and you receive nothing other than pictures that are filled with beauty and quality. The focal length of the lens is 12-24mm, so it is great to take pictures of objects that happen to be far away. Have you ever wanted to take a picture of something but it was just miles away? With the Sigma 12-24, all objects, no matter how close or how far, are within reach with this lens.

I really like this lens and I highly recommend you buy it. Most lens makers don’t offer so much quality for such a good price, so I found it to be very worth the investment. It isn’t that expensive and the ratings and reviews of past customers all prove to be positive. So if you’re looking for a lens that has positive feedback, this lens is the perfect one to get.